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Part 3: COVID 19 and Courts closed from March 18 to April 6

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

On a previous post we discussed how the courts were closed on March 16 and 17th. Late Tuesday night we then learned that a new Supreme Judicial Court (SJC) order came out limiting court access from March 18 to April 6th. The SJC seems to be monitoring the Corona virus outbreak and depending on the situation may close down courts past April 6, 2020.

telephone court proceedings

All cases that are not deemed emergency matters are to be moved into May. Cases that are classified as emergency matters are strongly encouraged to be done through video or telephonic conference.

Types of cases that are going to be done through video or telephonic conference:

1. Restraining orders;

2. Harassment orders;

3. Risk and protection orders;

4. Arraignments and new arrests (will be further discussed on the next blog post)

5. People arrested on warrants;

6. Probation violation detentions;

7. Search warrants;

8. Mental health commitments;

9. Warrants for new crimes &

10. Mental health orders.

People who can come to court

1. Court personnel who need to work;

2. Section 35 commitments;

3. People who need to be fitted with GPS as part of a court order;

4. A person posting bail.

Before going to court it is important that you contact the clerk's office of that court. If you have any symptoms of the Corona virus you are not allowed inside the court house.

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