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Thanksgiving fights leads assault and battery charges

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Thanksgiving can be a wonderful time a year. A lot of people get time off from work, you get to spend time with your loved ones, and get time celebrate with some great food.

Unfortunately, sometimes Thanksgiving can bring about family arguments. We see this happen for many different reasons. The holidays brings family members together that may not usually see each other, in fact it may force together people that borders from dislike to pure hatred. Add alcohol to the ticking time bomb of a situation and things can get terrible quickly.

Before you know it the police come knocking on the door. Many times people involved in the fight and even the family members or witnesses inside the house did not call police, but the police still show up. It is pretty common that neighbors hear a commotion and they call the police to see what is going on next door. When the police respond they will try to speak with people at the house to assess what is going on and who is at fault. Once they figure out who the aggressor was then the person can be arrested.

Being arrested during the holidays is a messy situation. When a person is arrested that person needs to wait for the bail bondsman to try to get released from custody. During the holidays, a person can wait for a long time prior to the bail bondsman being available. The person does need to be brought to court as early as possible, but with the holidays and the weekend that can be several days.

To complicate matters Massachusetts has changed the laws so that certain domestic assault and battery cases are no longer eligible for bail prior to the arraignment. The result is a person can sit in jail for several days without any recourse.

Finally, not only can family arguments and fights lead to a slew of criminal charges, but it can also lead to a restraining orders being filed. Restraining orders are civil orders, but any violations of said orders are criminal offenses. Enjoy your holiday season and if you are forced to spend it with people you do not like, do not lose your cool because it is not worth the legal problems.

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